The detritus and abundance that exists in our society should be transformed into something new, engaging, and thought provoking. I am interested in a variety of materials and how they interact with one another. Like many artists and designers concerned about the environment, I repurpose found objects and materials.

By juxtaposing objects and materials I engineer an endless array of narratives. Materials have a purpose and dimensionality that we interact with on a daily basis. The more we learn about materials and their origin, the more aware we are of their impact on our lives. This observation may appear inconsequential, however the materials that surround us shape our future. My work responds to this truth visually and metaphorically.

My commitment to understanding materials and visual abstraction has become more relevant today. The use of repurposed materials has given me a greater understanding of the built environment. This quest for knowledge and understanding draws me further into the sculptural process. I push myself to understand the limits of materials and attempt to develop new methods of working. I am constantly experimenting with technology, tools, and machinery as a means to fabricate new work.

I am fascinated by both new and traditional forms of craft and how they intersect. Recent work combines methods of digital fabrication with more traditional forms of craft. Site Specific work, handcrafted objects, metal working, woodworking, furniture making, and drawing techniques are exhibited in my body of work.

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